TV Decorating Style: The Dharma & Greg Kitchen

iconicon To achieve Dharma and Greg’s style is easy and inexpensive. Use crafts, arts, tapestries. This fun, energetic look is great for a kitchen. For the Dharma and Greg kitchen you will need:1. Painted cabinets: Try a two tone effect, white doors with aqua trim. Or white upper cabinets and aqua lower cabinets.

2. Art: Try making a collage, or hanging up postcards from your travels. Hang frames on your cabinets. Turn your walls into art by doing a yellow color wash to imitate the yellow stucco that Dharma and Greg have.

3. Magnets: Cover your entire fridge with them. It’s a great alternative if you don’t like your fridge. I have made a few set of marble magnets. You can see the idea by clicking here. Basically you just get a bag of those flat clear pebbles that you find at dollar stores.  Then you pick out a picture or word you like and glue it to the back and attach a magnet. These set of quote magnets are only $14.95 marked down from $19.95.  Click on the picture for more information.


4. Accessories: Dharma & Greg have a Mona Lisa curtain hanging in their doorway. If you can’t find this try a bead curtain. This one is a great deal at only $7.95.


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